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This course is an opportunity for those short on experience but long on desire and willingness to learn the full spectrum of hair restoration. Hair restoration is rightly thought of as primarily hair transplantation to the scalp, using both the FUE and FUT techniques. However, there are many other hair procedures that the surgeon can offer, which include restoration to the beard and eyebrows, surgical hairline advancement, donor site scar repairs, and more.

These are all procedures with which the MAXWELL'S board are experienced.
With the variety of cases we will provide you, you will be confident to start your own hair practice or if already in the field, to significantly improve your techniques in the most efficient way.

That is the purpose of this course. To train you, the practitioner, in the full scope of hair.

Going deeper than didactic teaching on hairline design, medical treatments, and of course surgical techniques, this course is the opportunity to go beyond that.

By spending days watching how a practice that over the past 10 years has become under MAXWELL’s guidance one of the most highly recognized internationally for delivering state of the art care in all aspects of hair restoration, you will learn how to truly become a better hair surgeon.

The old rule that “there is no good treatment without proper diagnosis” is valid in hair restoration field as well. There is a certain protocol in diagnosing hair loss that needs to be followed.

How to manage all these different treatments and how to decide on surgical on non-surgical method will be taught during our course.
The attendees will be attending all of the surgeries with boards of MAXWELL Medical Center. They will be part of every step of the surgery and consultation. Furthermore, pre-op and post-op instructions are offered for the attendees in great detail.

This course will provide the opportunity to observe firsthand the MAXWELL Medical Center at work.

experienced our boards performing various hair procedures, working with a team of assistants who have developed over their many years’ of experience the skills required of a world-class hair restoration practice.

All of these matters are demonstrated on real patients in detail.
If there is something in particular attendees are interested in learning at our course so that we can add to the program and we are able to educate attendees the true core of hair transplant procedures along with some very demanding techniques.

Medical staff training (technician – technicians training) and assistant programs are also arranged.


The Training Program is an intensive, private workshop designed to expose the training physician and assistants to all aspects involved in the successful treatment of hair loss, both medically and surgically.


All of these matters are demonstrated on real patients in detail.

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Course Directors are
This is a unique course unlike any other, providing an intensive hands-on surgical experience is led under direction by Dr. Noh Yoon-woo and MAXWELL’s board who have performed over 5,000 hair procedures over the past 10 years.
Who we are

The Full Scope of Hair Procedures
The first phase of the educational training starts with the anatomy of the scalp, the neural and vascular support for the scalp subjects.
Moreover, the education training program includes the hair loss types and hair transplant indications.

In later stages, the educational training program continues with the highlights of the sonar patient consultations, the measurement of the density of the donor area, the usage of Norwood classification and the calculation of the graft need for the patients. In the next stage the highlights of the hairline design and the locations of the important anatomic spots and proportions are offered.

On the matter of the operation, the manual and motorized FUE and FUT techniques are explaıned first in the educational training program and the information about necessary equipment, how to actualize of the technique are offered to the doctors step by step. At the end the actual applications of these techniques by the attendees are ensured.

Maxwell Medical Center
Maxwell Medical Center is the busiest and most high profile clinic specializing in hair transplantation for a decade.

In recognition of our extraordinary efforts, MAXWELL Medical Center is honored to receive numerous awards, including 2016 customer satisfaction Award by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, a government-affiliated organization.

Skills transfer
We are passing on extensive know-how and dominant techniques of MAXWELL Medical Center to many experts of various nationalities.



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