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Method to Estimate Number of Grafts

The cost of your hair transplant procedure is determined on
a "per graft" figuring at an average of 2 hairs per follicular unit.

A graft is a follicular unit harvested which can contain 1-3 hairs, that depends on the patient’s hair. There is a difference between hair clinics speaking about the method by they estimate Number of Grafts. The Hair-Graft Ratio is different amongst various Ethnic Groups and on average, the yield of FUT grafts is 2 hair per graft for Asians and 2.5 hair per graft for Caucasians. Whereas the yield with FUE can vary between 2.5 – 3 hair per graft.
But it is critical to use a larger percentage of single hair follicular units in the transition zone to obtain the completely natural result and aesthetically pleasing.
The Gradations of Density
to the Aesthetic Benefit
By the delicate placement of single hairs,
followed by two, three hair follicular units
We transplant single hair follicular units in the frontal hairline to give soft, natural appearance with lager sizes of follicular units behind them so as to increase the density and effect a graded.

MAXWELL Medical Center's Cost

(standard price for FUT)

Amount of Grafts 600~800 1,000~1,400 1,600~2,000
Corresponding Amount of Hair 1,500~2,000 2,500~3,500 4,000~5,000
Total Cost of Surgery 3,500~4,000(USD) 4,500~5,500(USD) 6,000~7,000(USD)

We implant much more number of grafts than the average number according to aesthetic principles, thereby achieving a high density result that looks completely natural.

Per Job Fixed Cost Policy
We calculate your surgical fee according to the number of grafts. This is all you have to pay for!

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